Mod. L-ACT

act-dimensions.png act-table.png

hot-by-pass.pngHOT GAS BY-PASS Allows the dryer to operate at part load and prevent the evaporator from freezing

scaricatore.png CONDENSATE DRAIN Electronic system to drain the condensate interfaced to the controller. Discharge and pause times are adjustable. Drainage group includes also a ball isolation valve and a strainer. A zero loss drain is available as an option.

alu-dry-module.pngalu-dry-module-syst.png ALU DRY MODULE The ALU-DRY aluminum drying module has the exclusivity of completely directing the flow of humid air along a descending vertical path, therefore with naturally facilitated condensation drainage. The circulation of the refrigerant in the system is entrusted to high-efficiency piston and rotary refrigeration compressors which, thanks to their construction characteristics, allow a strong reduction in consumption and offer high reliability.

controler-amd.pngDMC 24 CONTROLLER Features a new client-protection function, which allows the user to plan maintenance operations, a working hour-meter and a RS485 interface for connectioncontroler-act.png to a PC. The working values of the four  temperatures probes and the pressure transducer are shown on the display of the dryer when in use and enable the functions AFC (Advanced Fan(s) Control *) for the control of refrigerant condensing, and the ASW (Advanced Service Warning) to receive advance warning of defects. 


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