Mod. FCT


hot-by-pass.pngHOT GAS BY-PASS Allows the dryer to operate at part load and prevent the evaporator from freezing

refrigerante.png REFRIGERANT GAS R513A  FCT uses the ecological refrigerant gas R513A with low GWP, which thanks to its non-toxic and non-flammable properties, makes it possible to install FCTs inside environments. Furthermore, the wide operating range of FCT dryers allows them to satisfy the most varied demands of industrial applications.

alu-dry-module.pngalu-dry-module-syst.png ALU DRY MODULE The ALU-DRY aluminum drying module has the exclusivity of completely directing the flow of humid air along a descending vertical path, therefore with naturally facilitated condensation drainage. The circulation of the refrigerant in the system is entrusted to high-efficiency piston and rotary refrigeration compressors which, thanks to their construction characteristics, allow a strong reduction in consumption and offer high reliability.

controler-amd.pngCONTROL PANEL DMC35 Using the digital display, it displays the dew point temperature (DewPoint), the total operating hours of the dryer, with a cyclic timer it controls thecontrol-amd-image.png condensate drain solenoid valve, with a probe it detects the temperature (AMD3 ÷ 32) or the condensation pressure (AMD43 ÷ 220) and activates the condenser cooling fan.

eco-friendly.png ECO FRIENDLY Aim to replace traditional refrigerants with the latest generation ones. The refrigerant gas used, R513A, has a very low environmental impact (GWP = 631 CO2 ton/eq), in accordance with current European and international regulations. Characterized by low energy consumption, even under extreme load conditions.
manutenzione.png EASY MAINTENANCE Designed to facilitate any inspection and maintenance operations. The covers, which are easy to remove, offer immediate access to the system parts. The clear arrangement of the components, the simple composition of the refrigerant circuit and the numbering of the electrical system cables facilitate the operator's normal control operations.
Water-cooled version available on request starting from FCT55.


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